About us

Dhammanamai Clinic, Thai traditional medicine and Applied Thai traditional medicine clinic is focused on caring, promoting, healing, and restoring our customers’ health with Thai traditional treatment.

We use herbal medicine to cure general diseases (ex. Abdominal disease, respiratory disease, men and women’s disorder), and use therapeutic massage to cure muscle problem (ex. Office syndrome, back strain, headache, migraines.)

We also have health promoting programs, such as foot massage, oil massage, and herbal compress, to stimulate circulatory system and relax your body and mind.

Moreover, we have special program like pregnancy care to reduce stress and tension while pregnancy, also to stimulate circulatory system and relax body. Postpartum care to restore health after parturition to get well soon. Physical exercise to stretch stiff muscles. Meditation program, the breathing exercise, to relax your mind and balance your body.

All of our programs were specially designed to suit your need for good health.

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